Splash, an introvers guide to being seen, heard and remembered
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One of the phrases often used by introverts to describe their life experience is the feeling of being "invisible". Sometimes, on the inside, we know exactly how to solve a problem, or we have the right answer, or a great idea, or a funny line, but getting it out there where others can see and hear it is another story.

Let's face it, as introverts this reality can seriously get in the way of being, doing and having what we want; in the workplace, on the social scene and in our relationships.

You don't have to cannonball to make your mark

As an introvert, you probably don't want to be the one at the swimming pool doing the enormous cannonball off the diving board in front of a huge crowd, but perhaps you do want to quietly execute a perfect swan dive and have others notice and remember you for it.

While this workshop provides an opportunity for honest reflection, it isn't a navel gazing exercise. It focuses on helping you form new habits that in turn will help you create the life experiences that you want. All this, while remaining true to yourself.

You and the other participants will:

  • Discuss the common misconceptions and misunderstandings about introverts and introversion.
  • Examine the behaviours, habits and things you tell yourself that weigh you down and pull you under.
  • Explore the 4 temperament "varieties" of introverts and their common experiences, challenges and success strategies, using the "Personality Dimensions®" instrument.
  • Learn 5 practical strategies for "making a Splash" to help you showcase your strengths, make connections, create desirable first impressions, manage your energy and make the big changes in your life.
  • Develop specific tactical action plans to apply each strategy in ways that will work best for you. (You will select strategies and develop a plan unique to your own needs. You are different from the introvert sitting next to you!)

Your facilitator has been there:

Carole Cameron is an introvert. Yet she's an accomplished speaker, trainer and type specialist with over 20 year's experience helping organizations, individuals and teams maximize personal and professional effectiveness. She has learned and proven these techniques in her own life and is ready to share these "secrets" with you.

Carole is the author of SPLASH An introvert’s Guide to being seen, heard and remembered. Her workshops receive rave reviews for providing powerful learning experiences, and are remembered for being positive, interactive and practical.

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There are tactics to move beyond the things that get in your way.

Read the book -- Enjoy the process

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