Splash, an introvers guide to being seen, heard and remembered
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A number of years ago, as I became aware of psychological "type" theory, I had a flash of insight. I realized that introversion was at the core of my life experience. This realization provided a solid, logical explanation for so much. Despite not always enjoying my introverted tendencies, that revelation moved me gently but firmly toward self-acceptance.

Success as an introvert

While being an introvert, I’ve still managed to enjoy a successful career, both in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur. I’ve also had more than my share of positive meaningful relationships with friends, family and partners. I realized I must have been doing something right.

I wondered if others had additional strategies and tactics to deal with the challenges of introversion. I began to research the strategies successful introverts use to engage in the world and create the lives they want. The more I dug into it, the more I realized that succeeding as an introvert is a matter of forming new habits and skills, and need not involve fundamental personality changes. The process helped me gain tremendous insight and knowledge in this field.

As knowledge is power, what was I to do with this knowledge?

The result was Splash. Splash is my way to help introverts of all ages and degrees become the successes they desire to be.

My mission has become to enable introverted people to get the most out of life – not to become extraverts, or to become someone else, but to live within their introverted skin and to be able to get, be, do and have what they want out of life.

Training and coaching introverts

I also realized that my early career choice of professional trainer (about as unlikely a choice for an introvert as one could choose) would provide me with the perfect skill set to provide training and one-on-one coaching for introverts choosing to succeed.

Additionally, my background in psychology added to my understanding of introversion. Coupled with over 20 years in industry and the corporate world, I built the skills needed to help others make a splash.

Carole Cameron

Our clients include

Nestle Canada, Nestlé USA, DANONE, Frito-Lay, Seneca College, Mary Kay Canada, Federal Screen Products, Air Canada, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Purina Petcare, Career Partners International, Salvation Army, JVS Toronto, Town of Whitby, Export Development Canada, Dundee Wealth, United Airlines, Tarion and more.

"Finally a book that helps us introverts navigate through a world of extroverts, putting us in charge of our own lives and leaving an impression on others. Carole's strategies reinforced how I should spend my energy so I won't find myself running on empty."

Ron Malis
Director, Information Technology
JVS Canada

Read the book -- Enjoy the process

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