Splash, an introvers guide to being seen, heard and remembered
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Do you want to remain the person you are, and still network and be noticed? As an introvert, do you have to become more "out there" to be successful and happy?

NO! Not at all. Type "A"s would have you believe that all you need is a "just do it" attitude and the world becomes your oyster. It's not true. Introverts can gain what they want out of life without tossing out who they are.

You can be memorable - and it’s not painful.
Do you want to overcome the obstacles to memorability?

What? You memorable? YES! Being memorable is not reserved for the slick and gregarious. The secret that extraverts know is, many of the best ways to be memorable are simply easily learned skills and habits. You don't need to be born an extravert type to use them.

Could you use some simple strategies for being noticed, remembered and successful?

There are many ways for you to get what you want out of life, and they're not rocket science. For instance, by becoming aware of your body language, you will find it easy to make small adjustments that return big rewards. By becoming aware of some of the things you tell yourself, you can switch them up to messages that are more helpful.

There are lots of introverts out there just like you. Do you want the "secret" to branding yourself as a success?

Thousands of people just like you have improved their lives through the adoption of easy to learn techniques. You can learn a lot from their experiences.

What is introversion, really? Is it shyness?
Is it a communications style?

Introversion is not a disability. It's an orientation. It's the hard-wired preference to direct energy and attention inward and to be energized by things internal. By acknowledging this reality, and examining just what about it is getting in your way, you can modify the results you get in your life experience.

"Reading Splash is a wonderful journey of self discovery. Carole captured every thought, feeling, need and fear I experience as an introvert.  The exercises provide great direction for moving from the sidelines and into the limelight in situations where it would be advantageous for me to be seen and heard - and best of all, remembered."
Shirley Reay
OD and Training Specialist
William Osler Health Centre

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Read the book -- Enjoy the process

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